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Anonymous asked:

You're that pretentious fat bitch who used to be fat and now is just fat on the inside. You're just an awful all Round person, I really hope that once you've lost all the weight you want to, you start focusing on becoming a better person. I pity you





look at your mirror. now look at my tagged/me. now back to your mirror. now back to my tagged/me. sadly, you’ll never look anything like my tagged/me. but if you stopped being a jealous twat and worked on your self esteem issues, you could have respect for yourself like me. look down. back up. where are you? in the same place you were all day looking at the tagged/me you wish your tagged/me could be like. what’s in your hand? back at me. I have it. It’s an anon hate message you spent ten minutes perfecting. look again. the message is now an embarrassing pile of trash! anything is possible when you stop projecting your problems onto other people and realize it’s actually yourself you hate. I’m on a horse.


I read it 5 times already . .I’m done for the day 

I wrote this at 4am

truly one of the best anon responses i’ve ever read. truly

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